Friday, June 12, 2015

Broken Record

In order to earn technology proficiency and 5 credits in this class, you must 

1) complete all (8) Google Drive assignments with a grade of 7 or higher
2) have an overall average of 70% or higher.

Those of you that entered the class late will earn credits based on how many days you have been enrolled in the class.  Every 6 days equals 1/2 of a credit.  If you finish all the Drive assignments with a grade of 7 or higher, then you will earn technology proficiency.

If you have been here for 24 days that would equal 2 credits provided that you have done 2 credits worth of work.  If you've only completed 10 assignments in those 24 days, then you would earn 1 credit.

Replacement Credit

If for some reason you cannot finish all of the coding assignments, then you can make up those missing points with blog posts.

In order to get the credit each replacement blog post must:

1) be titled "Replacement #1,"  "Replacement #2," etc.
2) be at least 150 words
3) have at least 1 picture
4) have at least 1 link

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