Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blog #10- Who Stole the Cake?

The remaining new non-Coding assignments in this class are designed so that you can raise your grade.  Each assignment (this one included) will be worth 5 points in schoolloop.  If you publish a blog post with any answer you will get the 5 points, but if you get the answer correct you will earn 10 points (5 points extra credit).

To get the 5 points you must correctly title the assignment and give an answer.  The correct answer will earn you 10 points.
Title- "Blog #10- Who Stole the Cake?"

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blog #9

This is a blog assignment.

1)  You walk into your first college class and the professor tells you to shake hands and introduce yourself to every student in the classroom.  Every student shakes hands with all the other students exactly once.  How many handshakes were there (there are a total of 10 students in class)?

2)  After everyone finishes shaking hands an eleventh student enters the classroom.  How many handshakes will there be (total) after he is done shaking hands?

3)  What would be the total if there were 20 students in the class?

The following illustration is your hint as to how to figure out these three answers.  Post your three answers on your blog.  Title the post "Blog #9 How Many Handshakes?"

Additional hint-  There is a pattern (formula) to this problem.  Once you figure it out, you can quickly calculate the answer no matter how many people there are.

You may collaborate with your fellow classmates, but you must be able to explain your answers.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blog Assignment for Friday May 15th (#8)

Select 1 noun, 1 adjective, and one verb that bests describes you.
include a picture that corresponds with each word.





Monday, May 11, 2015

Coding #6 Functions

For today (Monday), you will complete the 10 exercises in the "Functions" category.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Coding #4 Resizing with variables

Today, you are to complete the "Resizing with Variables" section.
You should be finished with all of the coding assignments in this class by June 1st (25 days from today).  You will be getting sections assigned between now and then.  You may always work ahead.  If you get behind, then you need to get work done outside of class as well.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blog #7 Favorite Hobby

This is a blog assignment.

Title the post "My Favorite Hobby."  Write at least 150 words about your favorite hobby (a school appropriate activity that you do for fun).  You can briefly summarize the hobby in a few sentences (no more than 3).  The majority of this blog post will be about your opinions of the hobby and why it is your favorite.

Example of a link.

When creating the link in your post.
1. Select a word that you have already typed (do not add any extra words to create the link).
2. Click on the "Link" button in the tool bar (Link).
3. Type in the website.

Minimum requirements
3 paragraphs
150 words
2 pictures
1 link (to a related website)